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•   Joseph Szafranski (Szafranski)  10/12
•   Edward Niemczycki (Niemczycki)  5/3
•   Robert Klosowski  4/29
•   Frederick A. Mrachina (Marsh)  4/22
•   George Szczygielski  4/11
•   David F. & Mary E. Koss  3/1
•   Norbert Golembiewski (Golembiewski)  2/25
•   Kenneth P. Ksiazkiewicz  2/21
•   Stanley Urban  1/21
•   Michael Dul (Dul)  1/9
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•   Boguslaw /Henryk Kramek  2011
•   Janusz Antosiak  1971



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•   Bruce Greskowiak  11/15


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Dear Classmates,
Our 50th (or Golden) anniversary of graduating from St. Mary's prep at Orchard Lake (a.k.a) OLSM will be coming up this May of 2019.
We all have good and some bad memories about our time at school.
Who can forget:
Making a pyramid or 'M' at basketball games.
Moving Norbert's white Corvair into the church.
Galazka almost getting kicked out along with Krause and Ksiaszkewicz for taking the van to get parts for Krauses's motorcycle. And don't forget this was retreat!
Tim setting the school record for the most points score in a basketball game.
Dances at Regina's and I think it was Ladywood High School in Livonia.
Watching Laugh-in in the senior rec room.
That darn wake-up buzzer from Dave and Joe's room.
Wotta!! Either you loved or hated him. His spitting and yelling, telling stories of playing basketball when he was young.
And him asking for all our notebooks because he thought we were all cheating!! We took a picture off us all giving the finger while holding the notebooks.
The skits in the gym, like when Fred imitated 'Twitch' by moving his arms and knocking over the altar boys on both sides of him.
Zientek's infamous skits (Medley of Motown) about imitating black groups, with Dul stealing the show!
Galazka Playing his music too loud (innagadadavida) and Zeeb's came and took the record.
Track, cross-country, football, basketball, baseball and other sports.
We all have memories, impressions of each other.
Did you know Galazka never went to church? He was excused do to some sort of anxiety attacks.
We all have diiferent lives now.
Married and divorced and maybe re-married.
Children and even grand-children.
Some have passed on yet others are the most precious things (or people) we have in our lives.
We may have lost some hair but gained some weight.
Who would have thought that we would have cell-phones or computers (right in our house).
Be able to talk to each other by Email or Skype or any other type of media?
Mp3 players that fit in you pocket.
We've come long way since 1969.
Will there be a 50th re-union? Well it's up to you.
Please let us know your thoughts (good or bad) about the reunion.
You cantact either,
Joe Szafranski
His phone number is 734 664-3585
His Email is
Sandy Peters
His phone number is 586 718-3916
His Email is

I have spoken with Don Buchanan, who is the contact person for the reunion.

His phone# is 248 639-9699.

So far, the reunion will be on Saturday, June 8th, 2019.

Scheduled are:

Mass at 5:00

Cocktails in the library at 6:20

Banquet at 7:00

The Banquet consists of:

Cheese and Cracker tray

Fruit tray and Veg. tray

Michigan Cherry Salad

Roasted Tenderloin/Bordelaise Sauce

Spotted Prawns

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Roasted Veggies


Water and Coffee Station

And an open Bar

Followed by:

Honorary Alumni and Alumni of the year.

The cost is $55.00

It is better to pay prior to the event with a check or call in with a credit card. If this can’t be done I will work with anyone on an individual basis. Don Buchanan 248 706-5351

Attire is casual, wear whatever is appropriate for that days weather!

If we want to get together as a class by the castle or anywhere else they will accomodate us.

We can even have a tent set up if we want or if it is necessary.

We can have drinks and food but someone will have to pick them up from the dining hall.

If you need to stay overnite in the new prep housing the cost is $60, whether it is one or 2 people. 

What we do, where we do it is all up to you!

Just let me or Norbert Golembiewski, Sandy Peters know what you want to do and it will get done thru Mr. Buchanan.

Remember, it is all up to you!

I have Emailed all of you that have a valid Email address the contact info that I have so far.

If you have any photos from our time at OLSM, please upload them. or stories you would like to share please post them!

Remember, this is a team effort!


Jim Galazka

Email me at or phone me at 248 399-2644

Thanks for your help,

So far we are intending to have the reunion of just the guys from 12 noon until 5:00. After that you can bring your significant other if desired.
As far as food and drink for our get together from noon until 5:00 I think we should have hamburgers and hot dogs, potato chips and pretzels. As far as the drinks, I figure regular and diet Pepsi and Coke. We should also have beer but what kind?
I would like your opinion on the food and drinks we will have at our personal meeting from noon until 5:00pm.